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ॐ - My name is Jade and I am Brazilian.
In this small space are some paintings, sculptures and some pretty things that I like and I find around. Nothing special.
Don't praise me. Don't follow me if then, you will jump ship without explanation. Take what you like and it's ok. I will not be upset.
Or we learn to share without feeling jealousy or not should be here.
I'm not competing and unlike many, I came to learn, divide and distract me. Not exist vanity here.
This blog was made ​​for me. That's it. I didn't make this blog, to please others, it's just a place of peace for me.
If you like, enjoy.
All my posts are sincere. If I compliment or Indicate the blog, is of heart. I do this so that other people know good blogs.
There is sadness and darkness within me.
What gives me a bit of peace and joy, I put here. Nothing more. There is no default. Never will be.
Henry Yan

Henry Yan

Posted: Tue February 26th, 2013 at 3:54am
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Tagged: Henry Yan drawing Black and White painting woman girl
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